Book Club Discussion Questions

1. In three words or less, what is this book about?

2. What surprised you about the descriptions of growing up in a warzone?

3. Which any characters—other than Abu Bakr—did you relate to the most?

4. What were some of the images from the book that stick in your mind?

5. Were you frustrated by any of the decisions that the Abu Bakr’s immediate or extended family made?

6. As Abu Bakr and his family began to settle into their new life Canada they faced lots of challenges, including many conflicting emotions. What parts of this journey were predictable or surprising to you?

7. It seems like many countries and communities are dealing with political controversy over welcoming immigrants and refugees into their society. How has this book affected the way you view this issue?

8.What questions does this book raise about newcomers in a society? Do you think this book will change your impression of the people in your own community?

9. One of the main reasons this book was written was to build empathy. What parts of Abu Bakr’s journey connects to a life story of your own?

10. While this is Bakr’s story, written from his point of view, it is authored by Winnie Yeung. What responsibilities does Winnie have, as an author of creative non-fiction, to honor Bakr’s voice?