Teaching Resources

Dear Teaching Colleagues,

Hello! If you have wandered onto this page, I take it that you have decided to use Homes in your classroom. Thank-you for the incredible honour of being a part of your program. I am deeply moved that you wish to share Bakr’s story with your students and I hope they can learn from the book as much as I did in writing it.

As a fellow teacher, I know how so many of us pay for classroom resources out of our own pocket. From teacher-to-teacher, I’d love to ease the burden a bit and offer these resources for free. Below is a link to the PDF Teaching Guide I have created. It is still in draft form and needs a few test runs — like most of our classroom materials usually are! My teaching guide is only a jumping-off-point for your own instructional brilliance. Also included on this page are some generous colleagues who have also shared with us, for free, their own Homes instructional materials. Check-in throughout the summer and school year for updates!

Just as we teach our students, please respect the authorship of these materials. Share and adapt, as needed. And, pay it forward!

Best of luck in teaching Homes. Again, my sincerest gratitude for believing in this book so much that you’d share it with your class.

Warmest regards, W